Here you can suggest anything you want changed or anything you want to have as a feature in our server.
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Post by vaiN » Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:00 pm
Hello, i tryed to beta about spoiling and my plans that i follow in every mid-rate server for crafting
i realise that u dont have spoil blue mobs, what that means ? like other servers a 85 lvl spoiler can spoil
low lvl mobs as 20-30-40 etc .
that is your opinion as gm @hypnos told me , but my suggestion about community is to make it happen.
people will really get angry or even leave server about this
let's make things more clear.

my plan in every srv is exp > going 80 + 7rb , and then create crafter + spoiler and start the path of vesper armor like everyone has to . my plans are in a TEXT and i always follow the same path, same mobs, everything

4 tunic.
608 crystal S/ 104 gemstone S. 16 reorin mold.
3080 crLeather/1848 mFibber 8 warmith mold
616 asofe / 308 Orichalcum.
76 piece / 4 recipes.

4 vesper stockings
76 piece / 4 recipes
384 cry S/ 64 gemstone S.
1880 crLeather/ 376 asofe
1128 mfibber/ 188 orichalcum

4 vesper circlet
304 cryS /52 gemstone S.
2040 cl/204 asofe
104 orichalcum

4 vesper gloves
200 cry S / 36 gem S/
504 HighGrSuede/ 840 CL
168 asofe/ 84 orich

4 vesper Shoes
200 cry S/ 36 gem S
504HighGRadesue/ 840 cl
168 asofe/ 84 orichalcum

that plan is for 4 vesper clicks in every part of vesper armor, and i always farm MOS > soa depends
spoiling x4 craft pieces and start spoil the materials

in your server, a 85 lvl spoiler cannot spoil those materials because is too HIGH lvl .
for example, Braided hemp for WARSMITH MOLD are low lvl material ( so u need a spoiler low lvl in y server to obtain it ) CORD (best place PORTA cruma 1 ) that's normal bcoz is maximum 58 lvl to enter in official here in y srv is 65. ( IRON ORE / coal low lvl mobs in partizan hideway can obtain it )
so with those 3 materials we have to create 1 spoiler 85 for pieces vesper, 1 spoiler lvl 20-30 for iron/coal
and 1 for brainded hemp / cord 40 .

Next STEP > CBP/animal bones. > this material are hard obtain, mostly for HEAVY ARMOR or vesper jewels,
but also a ROBE USER need it for Varnish of purity .
u can obtain it with A Sspoiler 50-60 in Catacomb of Apostate ( so that's our 4rd spoiler creattion)
Now about CraftedLeather > fog . ASofe > drakos assasin/hunter, but we need a strong spoiler 85 lvl (as we should have for vesper pieces )
anyways, those 3-4 spoilers just for a set i think is too mutch, and people will get depresed starting all over and over again and gearthem , even with C / b / D grd.
i Sugguest to make SPoil blue mobs as in every midrate that we play

and dont forget, people afraid something new and leave, is up to you guys .


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Post by poziomeczka » Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:09 pm
yeah +1 make spoil blue moobs
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