Class testing part 2 - Archers

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Post by freddyfish » Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:21 pm
I tested some of the archers and this is what i found.

Normal attack: 300 crit: 2000
skills:600-1000 crit: 1500-2000
Dead eye
Crit dmg +56

Normal attacks 250 Crit: 1500
Skills 400-600 crit 1200-2000
Crit damage lvl 2 (+56)
Crit change (+20%)

Edit: i forgot trickster, but that will come later.

Normal hit 400 crit: 1100
Rapid eye
Passive critical + 20%

Overal damage looks pretty balanced imo. Execpt fort he passive skills, Human archers have critical chance AND critical power passive ( increases crit rate with 20% and power +56) Dark elf ONLY has critical power passive (Only critical +56 damage). The Elf ONLY has critical chance passive (+20% crit rate). All archers get 500 crit rate fully buffed ( even the darkelf without critical chance passive) so that makes the elven passive in PvP pretty much useless. What makes it even more usless is that all archers get max crit rate WITHOUT focus bow.

The walkingspeed cap makes the Dash skill of the Hawkeye pretty usless.

Other things i noticed What i noticed:
- All archers have 500(max) crit rate even witout a Focus SA, this seems really OP
- Speed max 250 seems rather low since alot of classes can go over it ( not sure if increasing would make, archers/daggers too OP
- PvP defense belt decreases 1k Damage in some cases. Seems OP

This is just my personal opinion, im not telling you guys how to run the server. Do what you want with my feedback.
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