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Post by freddyfish » Sat May 18, 2019 9:34 pm
I have been testing some classes and would like to tell my opinion about them. English isn't my first language but i hope its understandable. This is part 1 since i havent tested all classes yet.
These test are based on End-game so i’ve used elegia Set(with and without full element)

Grand Khavatari
This class is one of the strongest classes in the game, imo its balance except for the fact the GK can use heavy armor without a pentalty. With Ogre totem, and heavy armor feels OP, mages can’t kill him and with heavy armor neither can other fighters. My suggestion is to apply a penalty fort he use of heavy armor
I tested the Maestro on a Tyrant and a Mystic Muse with Full element +6 elegia set and RB jewels. (pvp buffs)
Without element:

On Tytrant
Normal hits: 90
Crits : 400 ( high because blunt, QA and Baium)
Hammer Crush: 150 normal 300 Crit,
Fatal Strike: 200 normal, 400 crit
Summon: 90 normal, 200 Crit

On Mystic Muse
Normal hits: 130 Crits : 500 ( high because blunt, QA and Baium)
Hammer crush: 250 crit: 400
Fatal strike: 200 crits: 500
Summon: 90 crit 250

The Maestro has a good defense, but the offence is so poor it probably can’t kill anyone in the end game. The summon is really really weak, with only 800 p.def on +30. The maestro only has 3 attack skills and, 4 toggles and a summon and thats really it.

Possible suggestions:
- Make a Focus SA for the 1handed blunts
- increase of damage by x%
- Increase summon stats + some form of transfer pain ( or mabye thats too OP idk)
- mabye let Battle cry (not roar) Stack? Or nerf +stack.

With Element:
On the mystic muse and Tyrant with a level 300 element normal hits are the same and critical hits around 100 damage more, this doesn’t seems right at all.
I tested the Titan on a Tyrant and a Mystic Muse with Full element +6 elegia set and RB jewels. (pvp buffs Glass cannon)
No element on Wep
On MysticMuse No frenzy No Zealot
Normal hits: 300 crits 1600
On Mystic Muse With frenzy + zealot
Normal hits: 600 crits 2500
With 300 Element on Wep
On Mystic Muse no frenzy no zealot
Normal hits 400 Crit 1800
On Mystic Muse Frenzy + Zealot
normal: 600 Crit 2800
The damage seems alright because the Titan is Melee, it dies rather quik due its low m.defense.
A little m.defense boost imo.
Nukers archmage vs Mystic Muse Vs Storm Screamer
The Mystic Muse is IMO too weak compared to the other classes. Since all classes can get to the c.speed cap. The main advantage of “high wit” is pretty much gone, since the arch mage has more HP and m.atk and the dark elf around the same HP and DOUBLE m.atk. its true that the Elves have higher wit thus higher m.critical chance. But using the .stats command only shows that its only 2% difference with the arch mage and a 8% difference with the Stormscreamer
I’m not sure if there should be any change, farmwise Storm Screamer is always better since it has a drain and the other nukers dont. I’d like to see all mages a little bit buffed so they are a little closer to eachother.

My suggestion(example) is to increase the base P.def , m.def and m.atk of the Mystic Muse by around 5-7% And Increase the Archmage m.atk by 6-8% And hp + 300-500
And increase the HP of the Spellhowler around 700-1000

The melee attack damage of magnus is pretty low compared tot he other summons. The mana regen Servitor Recharge is really low, even enchanted.
Magnus: normal: 150 crit:300
Feline King: 200 crit: 450
Spectral lord: hit 600 crit: 120

- The p.def of the summon is pretty low.
- Landing rate of Arcane disruption is pretty low around 1/15
- MP heal of summoners is way to low even on +30
- Earring of Orfen + new core PvP ring doesn’t include heals for summons.
- Critical damage of QA and Baium doenst apply for summons.
- Would be nice to see if Warrior bane/mage bane shown as “succesful removed x buffs)
- When feline cat and Spectral lord are use skills, the damage done is not displayed

Other things i noticed while testing.
- In the donation shop you cannot enchant the cp shirt to +6, and nor the PvP belts.
- Augment on 1handed blunts only adds 7 critical which is 0.7% still kind of usless imo.
- On 1 side of the colliseum is missing the shop and subclass changer
- Battle heal augment on 30 seconds is a bit on the long imo.

* this is just my personal opinion and may not be in line with how the server owner(s) want to run things, i do hope some of my suggestions will be looked at.


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Post by @Hypnos » Mon May 20, 2019 7:41 pm
Hello freddyfish,
So detailed bro i'm really happy we got you around. Sorry for the delay we fixed some things but i really forgot to check the forum. Thats my bad. I'm so hyped now we will discuss and type again what we make with the information that you give us. Thanks again for so good and detailled description.


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Post by Trick » Mon May 20, 2019 9:07 pm
Seriously don't do it. Boosting mages and summoners will unbalance game.


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Post by @Hypnos » Tue May 21, 2019 9:43 am
Greetings Trick

Dont worry about it. If we made some changes it would be after thoroughly testing and we try to consider all downsides and upsides on decition that we make and we are really gratefull to people like freddyfish to point us in the direction that can be really worth watching into. If you had any suggestions we are here to review them.
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