Garden of Eva - Custom Farm Zone

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Post by @Hypnos » Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:06 am
Dear Mutineers,

We are happy to present you our brand new Custom Farm Area. We can’t take all the credit for this because you were the main reason we do that area. Thanks to your suggestions we clear out several bugs from our server and now we continue further with development. So BIG thanks for the help guys!
Now let’s review what we’ve made and what we try to achieve with those changes.

1.Three floors of Garden of Eva – Custom Farm Zone (PvP Area all floors w/o Boss)

*Floor Three - Drops : EWS, EAS, BEWS, BEAS, Stones, Crystals, Vorpal Jewel's, high-top LS lvl80, Bronze Goblets, Materials.
Three NEW Monsters:
Eva’s Seeker(83lvl):
Special skills: Aura Flash
Water Giant(83lvl):
Special skills: Boss Reflect Damage, Shield Stun
Queen Undine lad(83lvl):
Special skills: Hydro Blast, Paralysis

*Floor Four - Drops : Vorpal Armors, Noble Stones, high-top LS lvl82, Gold Goblets, Codex, BIG Materials, Materials.
Two NEW Monsters
LVL83Eva's seeker (same as floor three)
LVL84Theeder Mage(84lvl):
Special skills: Solar Flare, Hold, Boss Reflect Damage
LVL84Theeder Piker(84lvl):
Special skills: Thunder Storm, Boss Reflect Damage

*Floor Five - Drops : Mid S84Weapons, Elegia, Vorpal, Vesper(parts and rec.), EWS, EAS, BEWS, BEAS, Noble Stones, Gemstone S, Gold Goblets, Festival Adena
Three NEW Monsters, One RAID BOSS (Party Farm Area) Things gets tough here. You will need good gear and friends.
Doll Master(85lvl):
Special skills: NPC Haste, Boss Reflect Damage, Cancel
Garden Guard Leader(lvl85) + 5 Garden guards:
Special skills: Bistakon Soul Beam, Reptilikon Earthquake, Reptilikon Poison Breath, Reptilicon Fury Poison Bomb
Corrupted Spawn(lvl85) Inside the big hidden chambers.
Special skills: Curse Fear, Boss Reflect Damage, Boss Spinning Slash
[Raid Boss] Corrupted Beast (As I said early to someone “Once you enter hell there is no going back ;) )
Special skills: Berserk, Invincible, Imprison, Ground Strike, Jump Attack, Strong Punch, stun, Baylor Attack

2.Custom Teleport Garden Of Eva (Farm) added to Community Board
3. Hope I covered the basics of the area we can add or change some things but not without your help so we are awaiting your suggestions.
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